A helmet is one of the essential pieces of gear that you can buy for your safety. It protects you from accidents and head injuries while you’re moving along fast tracks. Road bike helmets lie in the range of $30 to $300, but the difference in quality between one and another is vast. They are expensive because of their sleek looks, superior protection, and additional features. 

Bike Features

Helmet Style and Size 

Nothing is more eye-catching for a rider than a stylish helmet. Prices often depend on the type and size of helmets. Many brands companies have different sizes of helmets ranging from XS to XXL. Also, there are different styles in each size and model. To choose the right size and style of helmet, you need to know your head’s sizing and measurement. 


Comfort is one of the most important features to consider when buying a helmet. Brands tend to provide users with utmost safety and comfort. Some offer different kinds of padding to ensure that their helmets are comfortable to wear. For example, the Giro Revel has exclusive 3D-shaped padding where they use foam pads, which provide cushioning for longer rides. Apart from this, helmets also include vents for air circulation to keep you cool and dry at all times.


Helmets need to offer a good quality shell, which should be made up of reinforced expanded polystyrene (EPS), tough polycarbonate, or thermo-polyurethane to protect you in case of an accident. Also, it should possess a durable interior lining so the helmet can last longer. 

Safety Testing

Helmets are subjected to rigorous testing to check their safety features. Before being shipped in the market, helmets undergo in-house tests using drop and in-use tests in TUV Rheinland laboratories in Germany which have been certified ISO9001:2008. This makes their manufacturing costs increase and, therefore, their pricing also.


Helmets prices vary on different factors. And one of the factors is its weight. The weight of any helmet depends on its construction, quality material and capability. A good quality helmet is lighter in weight, comfortable and adjustable to wear. In addition, the standard weight of a helmet is 250g, which is equivalent to half an ounce.


Most quality helmets offer the facility of a Smoke or Iridium-oriented visor. Smoke or dark visor helmets enables you to see in harsh sunlight and changes color according to the Sun’s brightness. In comparison, Iridium visors are reflective visors and are available in many multi-colors. A good quality visor is permanently tinted that prevent eye glare from bright sunlight.

Top Brands for Road Helmets

1. Bontrager Race Mask

The Bontrager Race Mask Road Helmet comes in two size options, small and large. It comes with Bontrager’s own aerodynamic design that uses ALUXX-Grade Aluminum Technology. It is ideal for riders looking for lightweight performance in an affordable price range. The helmet also features an all-weather design with a full-face interior to provide 360-degree protection against rain, snow and wind. The helmet is available in Black with Yellow or Red graphics.

2. Giro Revel

The Giro Revel is one of the top-rated helmets among existing road cycling enthusiasts and first-time buyers. It has a low weight and aerodynamic design and comes with a 10-layer, integrated liner. The helmet also features a hardshell chin guard that protects the face from impact. The visor is impressive as it offers UV protection as well as eye protection from glare. The helmet is available in five color options as Black, White, Pink, Bright Blue, or Gray/White/Pink.

3. Lazer Oasiz

When choosing a good helmet for a long-distance ride, the Lazer Oasis is a great option. The helmet features a Wind-Tunnel Design with 23 vents for excellent ventilation. The brand also claims that the vents are positioned specifically to improve airflow and reduce drag at high speeds. It also features a comfortable micro-foam mid-section with an elasticated rear for a perfect fit.

4. Louis Garneau

Louis Garneau Helmets offers excellent ventilation with 22 channels to keep you cool at all times. Featuring an aerodynamic design, it is ideal for competitive cyclists looking for speed and performance. The helmet has injected polycarbonate shell with an EPS impact absorber inside. The interior lining of the helmet is removable and washable. It features a clear-view visor that enables you to change between light, dark or clear view effortlessly.

5. Giro Flight

Giro’s Flight offers superlight performance at a reasonable price. It features an advanced polycarbonate shell that is designed to protect you from debris and impact. The helmet also has an aerodynamic suspension bridge that provides excellent aerodynamics for better airflow. It comes with a removable internal lining with a moisture-wicking feature to dry your head during rides. The clear, anti-fog visor also offers excellent visibility in inclement weather conditions.

6. Bell Sonar

Bell Sonar is one of the top-rated helmets among road cyclists. It features the Bell’s own aerodynamic Suspension Bridge Design to offer improved aerodynamics compared to other models. It provides 360° protection, thanks to its adjustable dial retention system that considers the shape of your head, nose, and cheekbones. The helmet is available in three color options, Black, White/Pink/Black, or White/Red with Black.

Wrap Up

So here are the best road helmets that you can buy for your safety. Without a doubt, there are tons of cheaper helmets available on the market. But purchasing the right helmet, you need to know about its features and cost. Also, remember to replace your helmet every few years because it loses its function with time. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long is the warranty period for on-road helmets?
A. The warranty period of helmets is generally short and varies from one manufacturer to another. However, they usually last for one year. Also, before buying a helmet, check its warranty period and look for information about how long it will last. The median life cycle of helmets is five years; using them for an extended period might cause them to rupture upon sudden impacts and make you susceptible to injuries. 

Q. Should I invest in a road bike or a mountain bike?
A. There are basically two types of bikes, road bikes and mountain bikes. Road bikes are faster than mountain bikes. Mountain bikes are designed to handle rough terrain, unlike road bikes designed to assume smooth pavement. The former is more durable than the latter because its parts are resistant to breaking down over time. However, both types of biking have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

Q. How can I get the most out of my helmet?
A. The best way to get the most out of your helmet is to choose one that fits your head form. The length and shape of a helmet should be adjustable not to take away from its protective efficacy. Also, properly adjust the straps, so they do not slip off while riding. Lastly, if you have a biker style, do not take off the helmet when it gets hot during a ride. It will lead to skin burns.

Q. What can I do to reduce the risks of suffering from dehydration?
A. Riding your bicycle is the best way to keep your body fit. It is highly recommended that riders wear helmets to prevent injuries due to accidents when they ride their bikes. A good helmet should be certified by the Department of Transportation and come with an adjustable strap system. This will leave you less vulnerable to injuries when you are riding on rough terrains.